KOTI® mustard homestyle is a traditional Finnish mustard without preservatives

Mausteaitta Oy is a private family-owned company which has manufactured KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle products since 1980. KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle is a Finnish manufactured Key Flag Symbol product.

There are two different flavors to choose from

• KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle 6.17 OZ

• KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle Hot 6.17 OZ


• Without preservatives

• Loaded with carefully selected and tested materials

• A Finnish manufactured Key Flag Product

• The multilayer bottle guarantees a better sustainability and taste

• Test winner among several juries in Finland!


Mustard should be stored in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator protected from light. This will preserve its best properties longer.

Caps with security seal

KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle products are packed in plastic bottles with caps fitted with a security seal. The seal ensures that the product is unused all the way from the factory to the consumer's table.

Market leader in Finland

Traditional KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle 300 g is the market leader among sweet mustards in bottle packaging in Finland.

Always fresh

KOTI® MUSTARD Homestyle products are only manufactured by order, so the mustard is guaranteed fresh when it leaves the factory.

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